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Initial Medical Nutrition Phone Call

Gut health starts with a conversation

It all starts with an initial conversation, contact-free and from wherever you are in the world. Any nutrition journey is going to be challenging in certain ways and it is therefore important that we fit together and can work as a team. You tell me about your current complaints and I will assess whether and how I can help you. Cooperation will only start if both sides agree. What I need from you: Determination to change something about your current situation! Price: 108 €



Medical Nutrition Coaching - Reach your goals systematically

After the first phone call we can begin the journey! First there is the 7-Day Lifestyle Protocol. We will be in close real-time contact for a week via WhatsApp, Threema or Telegram. You need a smartphone that allows you to send photos as well as text messages. For me, quality is more important than quantity and there is no such thing as counting calories. So you will simply send me a photo of everything you eat and drink. We will communicate promptly if questions arise about the protocol week. Other factors recorded include sleep, working hours, exercise, and digestion. A few days after the protocol week, the analysis meeting will follow with a summary via email. Price: 2,400€

You will receive a four week “roadmap” to rebuild your intestinal mucosa. This will work by eliminating some foods or other non-health-promoting habits, whilst also adding vital nutrients for body and soul. We will remain in contact via WhatsApp / Threema / Telegram for quick questions, supplemented once a week by a 60-90 minute phone call as a check-in and to make any necessary adjustments. At the end of the four weeks we will have a final consulting session. In my experience, you should then have enough knowledge and experience in order to continue the journey independently. If necessary, further meetings can of course be planned. Price 2,000€ (only possible following the protocol week)

Package price: 3,300€ (instead of 4,400€) 

Medical Nutrition Consultation via phone call

Need-based and customized: Approach your gut health by phone

If the 6-week concept doesn’t work for you, we can work together on an individually tailored plan. Sometimes 1-2 sessions are enough to solve a problem, sometimes it takes longer. Either way, we will find a solution. I offer individual consultation units as well as discounted packages. We can discuss this at the end of the initial call. 
Single price: 180 € per hour, 5-pack 720 € (instead of 900 €)


"All diseases start in the gut."


Medical Nutrition Consulting: FAQ

Frequently asked questions about my concept for medical nutrition consulting

You have come to the right place if you seriously want to change something in your situation. You show me determination. Openly spoken: I want to dedicate my time and expertise to those who are ready to do their work in changing their situation. The financial investment creates commitment - and it’s crucial for success. With me you will actually get stuff done.

If it can be arranged in terms of time and location, sure. Primarily, however, the coaching takes place regardless of location by phone, WhatsApp (or similar) and email.

Rechnungen für Ernährungsmedizinische- und orthomolekularmedizinische Beratungen werden nach GOÄ geschrieben, und können somit bei privat Versicherten eingereicht werden. Coaching fällt nicht unter ärztliche Leistung und kann nicht von der Krankenkasse übernommen werden. Gesetzlich versicherte Personen tragen die Kosten als IGeL Leistung generell selbst. 

Ja, es können individuelle Pakete geschnürt werden – Ihrem individuellen Bedürfnis und Geldbeutel entsprechend. Für Selbstzahler räume ich gerne einen Rabatt ein. Kontaktieren Sie mich gern. Wir finden sicher eine Lösung!

Without a smartphone or computer working with me will be difficult or even impossible. Nonetheless: Where there is a will there's a way. In this case, too, just contact me and we'll see if we can still find a way to work together.

Do you have more questions? Contact me.